About Us

Cornbred Corals is one of the premier suppliers of high-end coral for collectors.  Specializing in precision fragging to maximize the beauty and detail of each coral.  Cornbred Corals is always looking for ways to improve your buying experience to make it easier and more fulfilling.


From the time he was a young child, Richard Negret, always had a passion for all things salt water.  Growing up in Miami, Florida, that’s not rare.  What is rare, is having your own salt water aquarium by the age of 8-years-old.  Instinctively, he always knew exactly what to do, and how to take care of it, though.  One day a friend came over to play, and Rich caught him right as he was about to pour a whole can of Sprite into his beloved tank.  He grabbed his hand just in time to stop the soda from corrupting the life growing inside his aquarium.  His heart racing, he looked at his friend as if he were an alien.  “How could he not know that would harm everything?” he thought to himself. 

A few short years later he started working at his first job, servicing tanks.  After that, a fish store.   Then he was off to college for a few years, where he became slightly distracted from his main affliction.  More than ten years later, he is still married to that distraction.  Upon graduating with his Bachelor of Science, he began working as a realtor, and found himself elated to finally be able to invest in his first love again.  His investment quickly grew, until he realized he was running out of “real estate” in his tank.  Any reef addict knows that you eventually run out of tank space when you’re constantly buying more corals.  After that, you have only a few options.  I think it’s pretty obvious which option Rich chose.

These days you can still find Rich taking care of his corals while the rest of the world is fast asleep.  He keeps very odd hours, always putting the coral’s needs first.  Staying up all night, with his orange protection goggles on, his mind is miles away from the rest of us land-dwellers.  Upon meeting Rich, you might think he is an extremely serious man due to his quiet nature, however, the only thing he is serious about, is collecting coral.  Just when you think he is deep in thought while inspecting one of his favorite frag tanks, suddenly he belts out a few lines from a random song.  

That light heart of his has brought him a very long way in this business.  After more than 15 years selling corals, he has many regular customers, along with newcomers every week. He works out of his home, where he often chases lizards with his daughter, Bella, and chills out with baby “Cornflake,” watching the fish swim by in his 800 gallon aquarium.  Now he works out of a much bigger garage though, which has been professionally converted into his childhood dream-room.  A giant, blue room filled with saltwater aquariums.